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I’m Efrain, and I want to share a bit about me and past negative cluttered mind and how it kept me in complete state of many mishaps in my life. This was the kind of life I lived.

I went on a quest to find a solution to my problems. I was introduced to “The Law Of Attraction.” I tried affirmations, guided meditations, subliminal messages, mind movies, and nothing worked. Then it hit me. It was me all along. The way I felt, loved, saw things, and the words I used. It was my thinking pattern and belief system. My mind was a landfill full of negativities, anger, frustration, sadness, despair. I was an expert in misery.

Before attempting to manifest you must declutter your mind and rewire it to be in harmony to attract easier.

In memory of my brother Jorge Lopez, I decided to share how to declutter the mind and manifest correctly.

My brother mastered the principles of manifesting and enjoyed the life he always wanted. Unfortunately, he died of complications due to being over-medicated.


RIP Brother. I AM my brother’s keeper.

"Whatever you think about and feel will become your reality whether it's good or not"

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