Keys to manifesting

Key 1- Forgive, forget & let go

Negative feelings creates low vibrations whether you are thinking about it or not. You must de-clutter your mind of these feelings before trying The Law Of Attraction & attempting manifestation.

Key 2 - Love & Believe

The power of love and believe creates the perfect energy to attract good in your life. Focus to gain more of this vibration. It opens doors.

Key 3 - Affirmation, Auto-Suggestion, Visualization

Positive affirmations rewires your unconscious mind to stay focused on your new set goals and helps in keeping you aligned to attract your desires.

Key 4 - Command & Expectations

When you are in the right vibration you can command whatever it is you want and seal it with the believe that’s it’s on its way to you.

Key 5 - Become aware & Take action

When you become aware you will see opportunities to full your desires. When they appear you must take action to complete the process. Rinse & Repeat.

The clutter of the mind will rob you

Before applying The Law Of Attraction it’s vital to clean up any believe patterns you may have like, resentments, anger, frustrations and other other form of negativity towards another person/s

Be watchful of trickery

There are evil people looking to capitalize on The Law Of Attraction. You see them everywhere pushing products they don’t believe in or care about just to make money of those people looking for a way to get out of their mishaps situations and turn a new leaf in life.

“Whatever you think about and feel will become your reality whether it’s good or not”